Media of Mass Communication

Hi… i want to share some  information about media in mass communication. As we are living in the era of globilization it has become very essential for everyone to stay updated. Media in mass communication fulfills this need and play a very commendable role towards society by informing , awaring and entertaining them . There are three types of media in mass communication…

1)Print Media

2)Electronic/Broadcast Media 

3)New Age Media

Print Media  includes newspapers ,magazines, booklets ,brochures, periodecals ,newsletters , flyers ,billboards ,press releases etc. It is a very important form of mass communication as it provides information to each and every corner of the world where even electronic media fails to reach. It is mass communication through printed form .

Electonic /Broadcast Media  includes television and radio . With the advancement of technology it has become the fastest means of communication. It appeals the audience in a very interesting way which print media fails to do the same to some extent.

New- Age Media  includes mobile phone , computer , internet, social networking sites like facebook , twiter ,orkut , You Tube etc. With the invention of computer and mobile phones ,the interaction between the people has become very easy. Through this media we can get the feedback instantly without any barrier and difficulty . This media has become a boon for the mankind.


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