Kamleshwar prasad

Kamleshwar prasad was a hindi writer who born on 6 jan 1932 in up and died on 27 jan 2007 in faridabad. He was a prominent hindi writer and scriptwriter for hindi cinema and telivision. among his most well known work are the films Aandhi, Mousam, Choti si batt etc. He was awarded the 2003 sahitya akaedemic award for his hindi nowel Kitne pakisan (translated in eng as partitions) nd also the padma bhushan award in 2005 l.Later he did his graduation and followed a masters degree in hindi litreature from allahabad university. His 1st novel published when he was a student. In 1970 he made his 1st tv film the Jamuna Bajar near river yamuna in delhi and then became the additional drctor general of Doordarshan.finaly he died on 27 jan 2007 in faridabad following a heart attack .

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