Diwali is the festival of lights!!!

Diwali, one of the auspicious Hindu festivals, celebrate the victory of good over evil ( Burayi par achhayi ki Jeet). Across India, Diwali is the main festival that is celebrated at the vast level. It is called the festival of lights. People enjoy it by making rangoli, decorating home, wearing new dresses, preparing sweets, lighting diyas and candles, doing fireworks and exchanging gifts with family and friends. People worship Lakshmi ji, the goddess of wealth. They pray for health, wealth and prosperity. At night, people decorate their houses, walls and terrace with earthern pots. The glittering lights in the darkness of nights present a charming view. This festival celebrate in every corner of our country .Thus, this festival also creates a sense of oneness among the people. It becomes the symbol of unity. India has been celebrating this festival for thousand of years.

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