Thousands of people are being butchered around the world. Bombs, gun shooting, murders, natural disasters – I’m just getting started. Nothing dulls the spirit of celebrating a festival in India though. A triumph over evil, hope over despair, light overpowering darkness are some of the significations we all have come across since our childhood. Personally I never thought of stopping for a moment and reflecting on whether they hold any true meaning. But today as I am typing this, I am. I am looking back at all the times I have enjoyed this festival and the other times I haven’t. 
Brand new outfits, sweets and crackers are the first thing that comes to mind. But doesn’t the opposite happen? The celebration ends up proving nothing. We take one day of a year to practice happiness, joy and unity through Diwali but spend all year in hatred and resentment. When will it stop or will it ever? 
A holy festival like Diwali holds no substance until all that it preaches and stands for are practiced in reality. But that is utopia which cannot exist in our world. It is a terrible thought though – to think we could exist in a peaceful space. Humans were never wired that way. So what can be done? Spread love and stand for it. Stand for everything kind and gentle. Preach and practice compassion. Be patient. Hope cannot exist if goodwill doesn’t.
A single act of benevolence can save innumerable lives. Let this divine celebration of gleam not be a metaphor anymore but a tangible actuality.  

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