I have a relative who is experiencing real wretchedness.

The main thing that individuals say when they meet her, “would you say you are considering ? try not to think by any means”. That is an entirely odd thing that makes us human, should be unsafe? Then again perhaps being human is poisonous. It accompanies it’s own sticker that says “rotting with merriment”.
For me, melancholy resembles living in well, with a hanging knob, 
You attempt to act like a moth and circumvent all the light that you can see, however all the time you are severely mindful of the squeezing obscurity all around.
There’s only one method for being conceived and a million approaches to be dead. I wish that we didn’t wish for death each passing minute however goodness wouldn’t it be another sort of comfort? 
It would be nothing. What’s more nothing is continually something.  For you nothing may be finished dimness.
For me, it could be no gravity or for another person it may lose a man. All things considered, finish murkiness exists. It’s not nothing.
No gravity is a state, It is there, it’s not nothing.
Also, when  you lose a man, there is a void torment, 
Those exist.
Along these lines, passing must live as well.

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