World Without Mass Media

Ever wondered,sitting at home,how do we get to we get to know about the Lok sabha elections that are going to be held next week or about the earthquake that hit some parts of the country last night or about our favourite brand H&M launching its stores in India ?
Yes,it is all through mass media. be it radio,television or the internet,all of them act as a medium of spreading information and educating the masses.
Today,mass media has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. we use it now only for education but also for entertainment purposes.

“no internet’
nightmare! isn’t it ?
Our heart stands still even if we try to think about it.According to the new set trend,every detail about our life.. from watching a movie to attending a party or even having a cup of coffee with friends is to be updated on out social media profiles.we have become so habitual of using our facebook and instagram pages that it seems like “a day without the internet is a day wasted”

Television,the second most used source of social media.
we all can miss our cousin’s birthday just because our favourite show is going to be aired at that time.for movie and television freaks it is probably the best invention so far.

Newspapers and magazines, the source of information and knowledge. Had there been no newspapers or magazines we would not have been aware of the various things going on in the world.
Books and novels ,entertaining and informative at the same time are also an important source of mass media.

So,it is not just hard but almost impossible to live without social media in today’s world.

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