Why did I opt the course of “Electronic media and Prod. Tech.” for my career?

Because I am creative, talkative, I have lots of ideas, I like to play with words to make sentence beautiful, attractive and impressive, my hobbies are writing articles, poetry, Dairy, clicking photographs, reading knowledgeable books (especially those which are compiled with lots of photographs and interesting articles, my favourite magazines are those which are based on Travel and Foods, I like travelling very much even I am a big foodie), listening to music and dance. Sometimes people call me a perfectionist and there is a saying, “The foolish seek for wealth, the wise for perfection”.

I like to meet up with new people, to make a healthy communication with them, to know their ideas and their perception. In childhood my hobbies were making paintings and drawings,  may be that is why my mind is very artistic or it might be genetic because there are many artists in my family but they kept it as a hobby except one of them but could not reach to that level that one deserves but I want to bring up my hobbies on heights even I have a  great interest in politics and entertainment also, little bit interest in Acting, I like controversies and to be a part of debates because I like to get to know each and everything, I want to be a popular personality; I want fame with good wealth because “perfection is not always a food of life”(if I think practically). I know that may be it would not be an appropriate course for this but may be an entrance, after get into this world I will definitely make my own ways to my goal.

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