The Youth Of Today

Our young generation of today has both good and bad qualities.In the previous generations,the thoughts & minds of the people were not as open as the generation of today.But on the other hand,the lifestyle of today’s youth is confined only to Night out’s,lounging in the pubs.Showing off i-Phones,Levis Jeans & Woodland Shoes are the common lifestyle of urban Youth Today.Interaction towards parents has changed a lot, the current youth’s behaviour is aggressive,stubborn,moody & annoying.They catch up arguments very easily.The outdoor games in today’s generation is totally vanished due to the social networking sites on which they spend long hours like Facebook,Whatsapp,Instagram,Snapchat etc.I know each one of us like being on social media platforms but it should not take away our whole time.It’s not a Priority, it’s just an entertainment which also keeps us updated through the pages,links and channels we like & follow.

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