The Improvement In You

Everybody knows that improvement is a part of our lives.Everything and everybody needs and wants to be improved.The better the improvement,the better will be the earth for you to live.

Improvement can be in anything like students take tutions to improve their grades or ladies go to salons to improve their looks.Not that I’m saying that grades aren’t important,of course they are.But studying for knowledge is much more important than just for the grades.

Our world is full of people trying to impress other people.I think the most important improvement anyone can do in  their lives is “Self-Improvement.” The improvement of one’s knowledge,status or character by their own efforts is the toughest and the most impressive thing to do.

Self-improvement means analyzing and accepting your own flaws and then working on them.”Judging everybody around you is easy but being the toughest judge on yourself is extraordinarily beautiful.” 

George Bernard Shaw said “Those who cannot change their minds,cannot change anything.” Find things to improve in your “Inner-self” rather than blabbering about the outer things that aren’t really worth it. And according to my point of view? Human life will be much more easier this way!

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