Well…SURGICAL STRIKE held on 28 September & 29 September in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) was a great proud moment for us THE INDIANS .

As it was the best initiative to show the terrorists  that we are not coward that was just the ettiquettes not to hurt our guests specially tourists as Kashmir is still a part of india and will remain forever and this is the reason why our indian soldiers including 18 who lost their lives in the recent URI attack did not fire back in  the URI attack  which was initiated by Pakistani terrorists . But the terrorists took that for granted and began gathering in large numbers along the LOC border with the objective of crossing the border and terrorizing the areas of Jammu and Kashmir  and some other metropolitan cities. so in this scenario surgical strike was must firstly to save our diversified and united india from those creepers and secondly to take the revenge of our 18 family members(soldiers who lost their lives in URI attack).

The strike was initially planned within 10 days of URI attack and was to be laid on 27 sept but due to some problem the plan was rescheduled to 28 September and was successfully completed with no  collateral damage.

It was secretly planned and was in the knowledge of only four persons . That is to Prime Minister , NSA , Defence minister and Army chief. The DGMO was knowledged later about the same by Army chief.

1. Operation begun at 12:30 am where all the 5 troops total of 150 commandos of special force was airdropped through helicopters before LOC border.

2. In order to engage the minds of Pakistani army and to nullify the effect & sound of attack to be done on terrorist launch pads, Bihar and Dogra regiment continuously fired at the Pakistani border.

3. The commandos reach the area where the surgical strike was to be continued by crawling on the ground  for about five kms and walked  5-6 kms through jungle areas. That is they covered total 8 kms to reach the desired destination.

4. The strike was to be done  in the areas  Bhimber , hotspring , kel and lipa valley.

5. Seven terror launch pads and three check posts were  destroyed.

6. Thirty eight terrorists were killed exactly double of what they serve to our nation. Moreover two Pakistani soldiers who were trying to defend terrorist were also killed.                                        

7. The whole situation is recorded by UAV ie. unarmed arial vehicle as the perspective of proof.

Other main issue are the actors and actresses of Pakistan ,  Lot of controversies are being created whether they should work in the indian cinema  or not. Well for me they should ,  as what must be more than this shameful that there talent only is  not interested in working with them,  indeed show their interest in working with us(the Indians).

ALTHOUGH, I am a a muslim , sacred but this is also true I am indian first and no matter what happens I am going to support my nation INDIA.

The Pakistanis have to pay for their sins specially the people who are associated with terrorism whether they are of any caste , creed or religion.

They cant destroy the united nation INDIA.

ATLAST,   a great respect and salute to my INDIAN ARMY who fiercefully and courageously completed the surgical strike with success.

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  1. Lovnita112 Dogra12

    October 12, 2016 at 10:54 am |

    Very well Written

  2. Sweety Bhadoria
    By Sweety Bhadoria

    October 5, 2016 at 5:23 am |

    Stop being sweet lets defeat

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