RIO OLYMPICS

        The biggest sports event on earth 
        This time   Rio de jeneiro,Brazil, hosted the 28th Olympic from 5th TO 21st august 2016.
       Total 117 Indian athlete participated in Olympic event this year. The performance of India is not good at all. but P.V. SINDHU and SAKSHI MALIK insured the country with medal , they both didn’t return empty handed from Rio. DIPA KARMARKAR  became first Indian female gymnast in past 120 years who had qualified for gymnast from India and in finals she narrowly missed bronze Medal by 0.150 points . there was table tennis , where all four Indians lost in first round . there was weightlifting, where India is down from a medal . the shooters, paddlers and weightlifter proved to be disappointment.
   although it sent its largest contingent ever this time, around 84 per cent performed below their qualifying marks.
 according to my view , management and players both are responsible behind the performance of India at Rio Olympic . firstly, lack of proper infrastructure for training and practice session. there is no badminton and tennis stadium in India. the sports authority of India had just one stadium with wrestling facilities. athletes who  are injured insured  for only R.s 150. that’s why there was lack of willingness in the athletes and they didn’t work hard. youth of India are discouraged from perusing a career in sports. There is less allotment of funds for sports is another reason . There management is more focused on filling their own pockets rather than focusing on infrastructure development. 
India cannot win medal if management does not helps the players and provide them proper equipment.
After seeing the current performance of India in Olympics athletes need to be more focused towards their goals and management too  provide athletes  good infrastructure and healthy environment. We should encourage the players who has done something for our nation and make us proud.

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