Performance of India in RIO Olympic 2016

 The 2016 summer Olympics officially known as the games of the XXX1 Olympiad and branded and commonly known as Rio 2016 was a major international  multi sport event held in Rio DE Jenerio ,Brazil from 5th to 21st August in which 207 nations was participated . The India association sent the nation largest over delegation a total of 118 players for Olympics  .                                                                                                                                        
As we know the performance of India is not good in this Olympic so who is  responsible for  this?
According to me both are responsible for this  because government are not giving good facilities for them also poor administration sporting achievement often does not ensure economic security and there is no social safety net to mitigate the cost of falling . If India want medal in Olympics . my suggestion is government should give good facilities  for player and make infrastructure good . Players have to do hard work and willingness for won the  medal of our country . if they will done these things so definitely India won medal in next Olympic .

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