And its been another year completed with fun , happiness , love & eternity, as the society trace. But the sad reality behind the fact is that another year has been completed tracing the same problems as poverty &  criminal scenes. It’s  been another year after the nirbhaya case . It’s been another year when the poor’s are still with the empty stomuch’s. It’s been another year  when girl child are still suffering. And the couting is never ending. 

On one side some people are celebrating new year. In the same society some people are fighting for their survival. 
Though new year has begun but the days are same 
1. For the poor’s they are still in need of money & food for survival.
2. For women -want’s safe society 
Day’s will passed & many more new year’s will arrive but it will be best celebrated when the whole economy will be rid of problems.
At the end , 
Hope this new year  will bring a immense change in the society in positive way . 

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