Mommy be the Best 👑

First of all, Thank you God the one who blessed me with such a brilliant personality as well as my first valentine. I can’t imagine a single second without you Maa. You have been my biggest support system at each and every stage, all thanks to your never ending positive attitude & motivation that has transformed me too. The day goes too boring without having chit chat with you.
I really appreciate your 24×7 hardwork along with the multitask you do to raise our family well and trust me you are the best homemaker. Your passion towards making variety of food and trying out new dishes by watching countless videos on youtube is just wow along with the yummy in my tummy which goes inside. Ofcourse I get angry a lot when you scold or shout on me but later on the anger cools down and in the end I’m the one who agrees with you and your mindset. Okay Maa ab mai thak gyi bus bahaut hua.
Words are not enough to express my love for you thanks for loving me so much & treating me as your first priority i promise i will never let you down. 
Just keep blessing me Maa I love you ❤

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