Mass Communication at Grass- root Level

Mass communication plays a vital role in the upliftment of the society . Mass com basically works as a whole . It means to address a public in a Mass value.

Mass com includes:-

( Social Media, news papers, Radio, Television, Live media)

Mass communication in Rural Areas

Mass com has become a superior method of spreading awareness not only in urban areas but mass com is at its peak in rural areas too.People living in a Rural areas are now a day’s more aware as compared to the urban people. People living in a rural areas are more attached and friendly with their culture and they have ease to know about others culture .Whereas people living in a urban areas are more in to a western culture and even busy in their own life’s.

Mass com in Rural Areas Includes:-

( Radio, Television, Live media)

Rural people are more into their culture and they perform for the sake of promotion of their culture.

For ex :- Puppetry show of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh ,Kachi Godhi of Rajasthan , Folk Dances , Folk songs ,ornaments , costumes, Custom of the states of the Incredible India.

These examples are the main assets by which people get a chance to know  about  different cultures .People living in Rural areas are promoting Mass com by their amazing art form.

Not only people but Government of India also plays a vital role in  promoting The Mass com in Rural areas . As there are so many departments like Public relations, Doordarshan, Song and Drama Division, Photo Division and DAVP which  are the main sources which  make people aware about the Government schemes , Development programs and many more Government related campaigns .By this process of program’s people get an opportunity to know the  new schemes launched by GOI.

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