The interview is the art of meeting people and asking them questions with a view to eliciting information
on specific issues or happenings. Usually, a reporter conducts interviews when he needs information about
various events or issues of public significance. The interview is a journalist’s tool for digging out facts and
its significance in the news gathering process cannot be over-emphasized.
Exclusive Interview:
This refers to the kind of interview exclusively conducted by a reporter without any other reporter
participating in it.
Panel Interview:
In this interview, more than one reporter from a particular media organisation participates in the interview.
Telephonic Interview:
This is conducted through the phone conversation especially now that telecommunication industry in Nigeria
has improved greatly.
Personality Interview:
This is conducted with the view to gathering information concerning a person whose life’s activities the
reporter wants to write about. Most personality interviews are usually done on an exclusive basis.
On-the-Spot Interviews:
This refers to situations when reporters enquire other people impromptu questions, usually people who are
important in government, visiting dignitaries, social celebrities, top military officers, academics, big business
persons etc. The interview is usually transit in nature and takes place during stop over at the Airport, venue of
events etc.
Group Interviews:
This is an interview in which many reporters from different media establishments participate. It is usually a
question-and-answer session during press conferences or press briefings etc.

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