Reporters may play an indispensable role in the society as they inform us about the happenings around the country & the world. They also assist to build public opinion through their news stories. Thus they have important responsibilities as well. There are five basic responsibilities that are to be considered by any reporter.

They are as under:-
Social Responsibility: – Press reflects the social images or pictures of our society. The activities of the press impart many events of our society with a view to present them later on, in a decent manner to the society people. The intention behind such approaches and activities is to make the society people be well informed as well as well-aware of round about happenings. So, every presentation of any reporter should be fair,  balance, truthful, inspiring and be meeting the needs of common consumers of the news. Besides the usual events, a reporter can highlight so many unsolved areas of the society by seeking a solution for the same through the activity of journalism and must not ignore or avoid this great part of responsibility towards the society. The staging of a reporter should, begin an environment of understanding within the society and should continue the same in a sustained manner, in upholding it satisfactorily. Expansion of any society mostly,  depending upon the imparting of creative and objective journalistic activities.

Legal Responsibility:- While working as a journalist, one should be well conversant with all legal clutches as to avert the generation of complicacy as well as to keep the organization ‘trouble free’ in any way. For this reason, a reporter must not interfere or inflict to someone’s privacy or confidential matter until it is required to be brought to the notice of the public. Any defamatory presentation taking with someone, any organization or group is not permeable and should firmly be avoided by the reporter. Offensive writings or pictures may earn instantly a reply from the public with larger reception, but it is not relevant as well as not complying with the standard of professionalism.

Professional Responsibility: – A reporter should have honesty and commitment towards its profession. The news of an event that is going to be published for the audience should be defined very clearly and fairly. A very good homework in this regard is essential for each and every event, and should be done by the reporter with a view to present the same to the audience confidently and satisfactorily. The presentation must be honest and impartial above all and shall never bring any awkwardness or complicacy to the organization anyway in future. The aim of a reporter is to circulate the correct and fair report in a undistorted manner to the audience rather than crowding them intentionally or allegedly to meet the present difficult situation of the news world. A news report should be formed with greater care and responsibility as to maintain its degrees of a standard at a higher level by avoiding any type of inclusion of unwanted and provocative part. A reporter definitely, would require a high degree of professionalism in presenting any performances to the audience on behalf of any organization, and could be achieved so. And this can be done by the die-hard efforts and unending searching ability, and being respectful to the works, understanding with the environment and accountability towards the society as well.

Sources responsibility: – A reporter must check all the information obtained by his/her sources, he must agree to responsibility for and control the origins of what he says; he must always safeguard the substantial truth of facts. In cases in which the sources require secrecy, a journalist has to respect the professional secrecy and has to be able to inform the reader of such circumstance. In any other case a reporter must always respect the principle of more transparency of the sources of information, giving the readers or the audience the maximum possible attention to them. The fulfilment of an obligation to the quotation of a source is particularly important when a reporter uses a piece of news from a press agency or from any other source of information. In all other cases a reporter accepts conditioning derived from the sources for the publication or the abolition of a piece of information.

Organizations responsibility: – A reporter has to confirm to the character, style and policy of the newspaper, magazine or channel. Channels or newspapers which do not engage themselves in scandals have a different policy, and it is the responsibility of a reporter to follow the same policy and work according to the rules and systems of the organization. But on the other hand there are channels and newspapers who try to examine in the issues which require so. It becomes the accountability of a reporter to develop such skills which match the necessities of the organization.

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