A news anchor or news presenter is a professional who specializes in presenting news in the broadcast medium. Television, radio, and webcasting news services all use news anchors to provide news and commentary. This position is considered extremely high profile, since the anchor is the face of his or her station. Newscasters often compete for top slots as anchors, and prominent news anchors may command hefty salaries and other benefits. In the very basic sense, a news anchor simply reads the day’s news. Many anchors may also add commentary to their readings, and some act as reporters or journalists, actively seeking out news and writing their own stories. In some cases, a news anchor may conduct interviews or report live from the field for important breaking news. These broadcasts may be recorded or live, depending on the station; if live, a news anchor has to be extremely confident and self assured, as there are no re-dos in live broadcasting.

Accept that and make your mind that working as a news anchor can be challenging. News anchors have to respond to breaking news rapidly and professionally, offering remarks, interpretation, and information for viewers or listeners. All news anchors undergo voice training, in which they learn how to modulate their voices and speak with minimal accents so that they can be understood by most people. In the television medium, a news anchor must also be very aware of personal appearance, and some anchors spend a great deal of energy on personal grooming to ensure that they look their best.

Being a news anchor demands a number of skills. The first among them is to do away with any form of camera fright. The career jobs in News Reader are all about the right presentation in front of the camera. A news reader not only delivers the news but also has to work towards making the viewers hooked onto the particular channel. Here come the little show business in the profession and one has to have the knack for it. However, with time and work experience, one can easily learn these things and make it big in the field.

Duties and Responsibilities

It is an old saying that ‘With great power, comes great responsibilities’. The news presenter is the face of the broadcasting station and has to execute the news in a way that gives information and at the same time keeps the viewers looking for more. News anchors have to be innovative and must also be creative. They have to come up with new ideas for the presentation and development of the news. A news reader has to be well read and also provide accurate information. Furthermore, a news reader job does not only include reading but also writing. An aspirant should learn be ready and looking forward to writing news stories with the provided details. Again, as a source of providing information to the mass, the news has to be to-the-point and also free from any loop holes. In this professional field, one has to deal with various communities and people.

Along with these responsibilities, a news reader also must be interested in information and at the same time should be good with management work in the newsroom. Their on-Air intellect matters and they have to be well-read with everything happening around. Their communication skills are the most important thing and they have to excel in it both verbally and written. The job description of an anchor includes a lot of writing and reading too. They also might have to give their commentary on editorials. They have to know how to write their own scripts. Though most of the time they will have the help of script writers, it is important to do thorough research for each news story. They must know the intricacies of the story to show the confidence while delivering it. However, the job is not limited to this at all. On further elaboration, a news anchor also has to conduct special shows, take on-air interviews and conduct various panel discussions. Hence, reiteration is needed while we inform how being knowledgeable and well-read for about everything is a must in this profession.

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