Basic knowledge of Camera Shots

Clicking selfies is a huge trend these days; however most of us never think of the fact how destroying this selfie mania has become. Rather than making us creative it has spoiled the basic knowledge related to camera or camera shots.

The very basic thing that a photographer or a videographer does before clicking or shooting is to compose the shot. How can you bring everything correctly and collectively at the same time depends on the choice of shots that you make.

If you are fond of clicking pictures following are the steps which can make your picture a heart winner with correct choice of shots.


EWS- Now when you try to establish the area, cover maximum space in your shot it is called Extreme wide shot.

Wide Shot- This is little composed than the EWS shot. This shot captures the entire person/area (head to toe) this can also be called as long shot.

Medium Shot- As the name suggests this shot is composed from waist up. It is the most common shot which basically captures hand gestures.

Medium Close up Shot- This shot is framed from just above the shoulder to the head. It is basically composed to capture the subject in more detail (facial expressions)

Close-up- The subject is framed tightly in this shot. This basically captures the face, which allows the observation of minute details on the face of the subject.

Extreme Close-up – These shots are even tighter than the close-ups. These basically aim at grabbing greater details which may not be possible with normal human eye. 

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