Increasing vehicles on roads

                                                        INCREASING VEHICLES ON ROADS 

Vehicles are an important means of transport .They have made life easier and comfortable.Vehicles have proved to be a born of  science to the mankind.However, the increase in the number of vehicles has created a menace in the world today.Vehicles are used to transport and help humans in need. Nevertheless, they have been  a major cause of pollution and traffic jams on the roads.
Vehicles not only cause air pollution due to thr liberation of toxic poisonous gases into the atmosphere but also cause noise pollution  by the blaring of horns.The excessive use of vehicles on the roads lead to traffic jams. Sometimes these jams leads to verbal  and even physical quarrels among the drivers of cars,trucks and also riders of the two wheelers . People are not able to reach their destinations on time when in urgent circumstances.The encroachment by the roadside vendors and narrow roads also add to the menace of the traffic jams.
Hence, it is high time to control the use of vehicles on the roads. Though, the government and the concerned authorities have tried to curb or rather regulate traffic jams , a lot in this regard need to be done.Flyovers , under passes and the introduction of metro railways in the major heavy vehicle driven cities have been done.People much switch to car pool system. The youth must create awareness in this regard. It is only when steps will be taken at the earliest we shall be able to fight against this evil.

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