Diwali-the homecoming of good

In ravana was a brahman , a poet , a warrior of the tallest height
Nobility , chivalry and  intelligence along with a lot of might,
A leader, statesman and diplomat with whom anyone would fear to kick up a fight.
The ten headed hero of Lanka whose word was only right
Is wronged every year 
The homecoming of Rama is celebrated as the victory of faith over fear
Rama the epitome of high character , comes home on Diwali,
After a long exile and war for which he walked that extra mile.
For his wife , he builds a bridge on the ocean 
I bow to his glory , I bow to his emotion
Not once did he lose faith in his actions
In his righteousness , in his step and its reaction
Against the  Demon king Ravan , he stood alone barefoot 
He won the battle , with that died the bad and remained the good,
The homecoming of which we celebrate each year 
That good is bound to win over bad ,
A fact , sure and clear.

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