DIWALI – Festival of lights

Deepawali  also known as diwali is the festival of lights indicating happiness. It signifies the love and affection between families and relatives. It is one of the most colourful , sacred  festival of hindus. Moreover it is the festival which brings family closer to each other  specially it is important in our 21st century where evryone is busy with their work & dont have that much  time to spend with their families. 

It is actually opposite to holy in terms of time it is celebrated as holy is celebrated in the morning and diwali is celebrated in the evening . 
According to the historical view diwali marks the return of lord rama to Ayodhya after 14 years exile. It indicated the arrival of winters,  and lend charms and delight to our lives . 
I would like to embark diwali is the four days long festival apart from lightning and happiness it also indicates the love which will be going to arrive or may be shown first time . 
1. Starting from DHANTERAS  in which a gold or silver product is purchased and as i have seen so far most of the times gents purchase jewellery for the ladies on the eve of dhanteras . 
2. On the second day NARAKA CHATURDASI is celebrated and symbolises a day to abolish laziness and evil which create hell in our life and shine light .  The whole family is united and pray together lending some time from their busy schedules. 
3. On the third day main diwali is celebrated with families , relatives . 
    Happy &  Smiling  faces all around . 
4. On the fourth day , Diwali padwa is celebrated which personifies the relationship between husband and wife . 
5. On the fifth day , Bhai-Dooj is celebrated symbolising the love between sisters and brothers 
   On the whole , it is five days celebrations embarking brightness over darkness , Joy , 
    Love and thrill. 

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