Diwali- A ray of love and light

One of the most prominent festivals in Hindu culture -Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights, happiness and it is the fresh beginnings as we open new checkbooks and diaries as well as clean our homes. Whoever said that after every dark night, comes a new dawn was surely right on the money! India celebrates Diwali as Lord Rama’s homecoming to Ayodhya after defeating the Rakshasa King of Lanka, Ravana. And people’s celebrate this festival with full of joy ,sweets, lights etc.
Personally on the diwali day there was so much good environment in my home . The day started with decoration of home then as usual i was excited for rangoli then i made rangoli. In night on lakshmi poojan which i was celebrated in my grandfather’s home then in my home. At last i did dinner with my family. Diwali is special for me because my brother was born on this day.
On this diwali the special thing is that i didn’t burst crackers because diwali is the festival of lights so i dont want to fade it with the pollution of crackers.
I enjoyed diwali with sweets, diyas, lights etc.  Like if I give a chocolate to a small child either a boy or girl ,then he or she says thank you but now god give us the whole beautiful world and in return we give nothing except pollution so guys I hope we are not selfish !!! And i want to thanks that people who doesn’t burst crackers And i request you all that please next time on diwali don’t burst crackers.
Thankuh so much 

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