The change I wish to see in the world in the year 2018 is the way women view and treat each other. I want to see us supporting and lifting each other up. In a world which benefits from our self doubt and encourages us too see fellow women as competitors, it is rebellious and fruitful for us to stand united for unity is our biggest chance in the world and the way we help each other speaks volumes.
Like men, we want to be respected and treated like a human and not considered an object to use and discard because we have provided an equal amount of effort to build our society like our male counterparts have. To completely overlook our fair share of the world, is unjust and unfair. 
Therefore, in order to push through our barriers that the society imposes on us, we being the fairer sex, must learn to respect each other so that they can’t break us, can’t hollow us out. So that when they come for us, we can show them that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine a world where equality comes as natural as breathing is what we all should aim for. But the first step that needs to be taken on our part, is our resolution, drive and the girl code – never leave a girl behind. Help each other and stand up against all odds. Surprise them and win like we always do.

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