There are many issues going around in the world like US President Donald Trump’s decision to bomb Afghanistan, liquor ban in India, Singapore going the US way in Visa permissions, the beef ban in India etc. All the issues mentioned above are important but what caught my attention was the beef ban in India.


Beef ban states a 5-year imprisonment and Rs 10,000 fine if a person is found dealing/slaughtering cows.  As of now selling beef is banned in 24 out of 29 states in India; Delhi, Bihar, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Gujrat to name a few. Many people are demanding beef ban because cow is considered a sacred animal for Hindus. People respect cows as a creature of God. But because of the beef ban people have become intolerant and are brandishing their own branding justice. A couple of years ago there was a news of a family being attacked by a mob and one of the members of the family was lynched on the suspicion that they had consumed beef in their home. Recently on 5th April, there was a news of a man who was killed by hundreds of cow protectors the so-called ‘gow rakshaks’. The beef ban resulted in the mixed reaction. There was one group who opposed this ban and other group supported this ban. I feel that demand of beef ban is irrelevant especially in our country where there are various religions. Firstly, every religion has its own set of beliefs Muslims can’t eat pork, Jain’s don’t eat non-vegetarian & root vegetables. So, if the government is planning to ban beef because it hurts religious beliefs then the government should ban pork, root vegetables as well because these foods are banned in some religions as well. The second point, if people are demanding beef ban because of animal slaughter and torture then the government should also put a ban on eating chicken, goat, seafood etc. because these “food” items also come under animal slaughtering. If a cow is killed brutally then so are these animals. The beef ban has led to intolerance; people are fighting and killing each other which is barbaric.

Eradication of poverty and corruption, security of women and development of our country should be the main priority and government should pass laws related to these issues and not for trivial issues like beef ban. Which seems like more of a political agenda rather than a humanitarian or animal compassion related move.



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