Be the change if you want the change

We live in a world of masquerades . With no one showing their true selves, it’s easy to think that the advice you receive is based on experience, when most often it’s not. The truth is–most people would rather tell people what to do rather than follow their own advice.
My message to the world is to practice what you preach. The reason it’s of vital importance to do so isn’t just because it makes you more authentic, it’s because you can’t change the world if you can’t change yourself.
You need to be willing to look in the mirror and learn from your reflection.
what I want? A hell lot of things:
1. More tolerance and acceptance. Be it personal, religious, political views or people’s lifestyle choices. You’re gay? Great. You’re a Muslim and I’m a Hindu? Come over on Diwali and I will on Id. Double celebration!
2. Realization that terrorism is a double-edged sword and that all the countries need to work together to snuff out this evil. The public execution of those who have the guts to target children and innocent just to send out a message
3. For people to be mindful of other’s personal space.
4. A little more courtesy. Say “Thank you” more. Apologize when you’re wrong. No shame in that.
5. More stringent laws against rapes, murders, eve-teasing, cyber-bullying.
6. The realization that we still have only one planet. And that we all need to do our bit to preserve it.
7. Breaking a little free from the control of machines
8. Better art
9. Lesser fanaticism. Your politicians, pop stars, sportstars do not even know you exist. Why waste your time and life trying to grab their attention.
10.A world in which people do not die out of hunger, A world where every one gets education and health, State of equality and balance every where, respect for all like every one is just the same.
And the list is endless. It’s a shame that people kill themselves over random strangers . It’s a shame that people still have to fight for their choices. We can’t even acknowledge and respect the fact that the other person is also a human being and that his/her personal choices are his/her’s to make.
That’s what I want. What I expect will happen is a completely different scenario.

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